Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Stolen Boats

Van Lines$500 REWARD!!!** Esquire Products
Thieves in OUR Bothell Community (212th
ST SW, area)!

Remote Control (R/C)
Hydroplanes (43” Long x 23” Wide) Not easy to hide!
Someone locally knows about the theft of these boats!!! $500 REWARD for
return**!! Call,
or TEXT to claim the reward!!! (Theft date, late Friday March
23rd, early Saturday AM, the 24th)
Call: (425) 488-1313 TEXT:
(425) 830-8137 (anonymous tips accepted, and eligible for reward!!!
This is not a Police contact #)

The owner of these Hydroplanes, Kirk, has been racing R/C
Scale Hydroplanes for more than 18 years and would help anyone that asked him. He is currently a board member of one, and
participant in both of the large, Northwest 1/8th scale R/C clubs. Additionally,
he is connected to the Hydroplane And Raceboat Museum in Kent (HARM). Our NAMBA affiliation guarantees that this
flier will be distributed NATIONWIDE and THROUGHOUT CANADA. There are tens of thousands of people that
this flier will be distributed to electronically. And from there, it will be shared with
friends of those friends. These boats will never see the water in
the United States or Canada, never be pawned, never be sold, without someone
being arrested and charged!!!
The best option right now is for the thieves to return these boats
anonymously, and collect this reward.
Soon, this reward will be retracted, and full charges will be
pursued. The thieves do not have the
motors, the radio gear, or any other components to make these boats
functional… RETURN THESE BOATS TODAY, by setting them beside the house you
took them from, and then make contact as shown above. By any method, leave contact information, and
the reward will be paid with no questions asked,
but only for a few days after this flier is distributed… Additionally, know, many of Kirks friends
will be going door to door soon, to inform the local community with this
information, and searching for these Hydroplanes!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Renault back into hydroplanes?

Well it is true, but not what hydroplane fans would hope for. They have a new concept for a tourist boat, and electric hydroplane. Check it out: http://www.tuvie.com/renault-hydroplane-concept-hybrid-vehicle-between-a-plane-and-a-boat/

Friday, March 9, 2012

Poll #4

Poll #3

Poll #2

The t-shirts would be anywhere from $20-$30. If you are interested please leave price ranges willing to pay for the commemorative shirt.

Poll for Roger Newton Memorial Race

Hello everyone, I am creating a poll to make the Roger Newton Memorial bigger and better than ever! Please vote and even leave a comment on previous races and what directions you would like to see the race go to. I will be adding more polls so please come back later to check on more questions. Thank you!