Sunday, August 28, 2011

2011 RCU Diamond Cup

Well another race is in the books. Took the 1/8th scale electric Maverick out to RCU's Diamond Cup held in Granger Washington. Had a sub par day until the final round. I fortunately made the connie, won that and made it into the big show. In the final I decided to stay back and just finish, which turns out was a good idea as everyone tried to run over each other, and most of them did at one point or more! Ended up 4th place over all. The overall goal for the race was to make my way into the final heat... mission accomplished.

The boat runs better each time out, but the power is a bit much for the round nose hull right now. I had the same problem with a similar hull and a CMB nitro engine. A few more trips to the drawing board will help, but at this point I am happy with how the gear works, and have a better understanding of it all, which was the point of throwing the gear in a hull that was laying around.

With 2 races left, I am looking forward more to the offseason and time to get some projects started and finished. Next year should be interesting (as long as I do finish all of the projects).

Videos were taken of the finals, and I will upload them to the blog soon, so check back later to see how the race went down.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

H1 Exhibition Races

Looks like there is some exciting news from H1, there will be at least 3 exhibition races added to the end of the 2011 racing season. There will be an exhibition at Sacremento at the beginning of September, and in Washington DC after the San Diego race. Also Abu Dabi was added sometime before the Doha race in November. There are also rumors of an exhibition in China sometime in December or January. FOr more information visit

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Newton Marine plan sell!

Well I am gearing up for a house remodel and need to start selling some things off to help pay for it and also clear out some space. I have several plans already drawn up and want to get them out. I will sell these for half off current prices! So it will be:

$10 - bulkhead sheet (sheet 3)
$10 - 3 view layout (sheet 2)
$17.50 - paint scheme

These prices are only on the following plan sheets, however if you want to complete a non complete set I will extended the price out to completing the set. The plans I have currently available to this sale are:

102-u 1959 Nitrogen paint scheme
103-m 1964 miss us paint scheme
105-a 1955 miss thriftway paint scheme
108-m 1973 red man paint scheme
125- 1978 squire shop paint scheme
125- sheet 3 (two copies)
125- sheet 2 (three copies)
126- sheet 3
135- sheet 3
135- sheet 2
145- Renault paint scheme
147- bubble bid paint scheme
147- sheet 2
147- sheet 3
153- crab legs paint scheme
159- sheet 2 (two copies)
159- sheet 3 (two copies)
171- dewalt paint scheme

Once again the 50% off sale is to only these plans. Shipping will be charged additionally to each order and please post your response here to get the plans. First come first served. Thank you!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Moving to Twitter

Hey Everyone. I just wanted to announce that I plan to keep the updates coming, I just had a very rough winter with a flood and some other big set backs with my house. I hope to keep the updates coming in on my new twitter page, Newton_Marine.

I have replaced the broken camera so I will also continue to take video footage at all the races I attend. Should be fun!