Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Videos of President's Cup

I finally got the videos up of the last race. Here they are:

Final Heat:

1st Connie:

2nd Connie:

Here are the final results of the race:

1st Kirk Maupin 71 Atlas Van Lines
2nd John Hruby 75 spirit of Dayton Walther
3rd Rich Matken 07 Boeing 787
4th Dave Brandt 95 Pico American Dream DNF
5th Ryan Hickam 86 Coors Light DNF
6th Mac Connelly 82 Atlas Van Lines DNF
7th Brenda Brandt 78 Squire Shop DNF

1st con

1st Rich Matken 07 Boeing
2nd Steve Roman 86 The boat
3re Dustin Hicks 94 O Boy Oberto DN F
4th Jim Brittain Miss 7-11 DNF
5th Steve Schmitz 85 Squire Shop DNF
6th Bill Brandt 72 Notre Dame DNF

2nd con

1st Dustin Hicks 94 O Boy Oberto
2nd Joey Caines 70 Lil Buzzard
3rd Randy Gosseen 68 Miss Bardahl
4th Rich Backus 00 York International DNF
5th Harry Gatjens 86 Joe Ricci Spirit of America DNF
6th David Newton 86 Miss Budweiser DNF

Sunday, June 20, 2010

2010 Roger Newton Memorial Race Announcement

Plans are finalizing for the 2010 Roger Newton Memorial. This year the race will be held on Sunday August 15th in Ellensburg, Wa. Racing will begin at 10:15 am. All day long prizes will be given out to race entries as we have over 30 hydro prizes, including:

-Hydro Art Prints
-1/8th scale plans
-Hydro Coloring books
-Top prize will be a complete 1/8th scale fiberglass hull donated by RC Boatcompany
-and much much more!

One raffle ticket will be given per boat race entry. Additional tickets will cost $2 each or 3 for $5. Only race entries may purchase raffle tickets.

There will be 4 flights of 5 lap heats. The first 5 boats in points will make the final. The winners of the first and second connies will advance to become the trailer boat in the final, making yes two trailer boats! Free snacks and beverages will be provided. Come out and race in the memory of the Czar!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Don't miss out on Newton Marine's Blog Special!

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Automotive Powered Hydroplane this year?

A recent interview with Jim Harvey may lead to us seeing an automotive powered hydroplane sometime this year. Jim has for the past year been working close with Fred Leland's camp in developing the automotive engine program. Jim claims that the main turbine program is ready to go, and that an auto powered hydroplane will be ready to go half way through the season. Hopefully we will see it out at the Columbia Cup!

Fred also recently visited a shop in Spokane to get some dyno time in on an engine. A local paper was there to give coverage: please click here for the article.

For years now we have heard of teams stepping forward to work on incorporating an automotive power-plant into the U class and none of them has followed through. For the sake of the sport, I hope that with Harvey's help, the Leland racing team will come out this year with one. Under the leadership of Sam Cole, the sport is in grave shape right now, and one of the only things that will be a positive boost for it would be an automotive hydroplane to bring in new fans and sponsors.

Watch the video below for more information on the auto hydroplane and what is going on in Fred's shop.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Close Race

The following is video footage of my 2nd heat of racing. I had a great battle with Jim Brittain (racing my old 711) for 2nd place. We we deck to deck almost all 5 laps, exchanging the lead several times. At the end I was barely able to get enough ahead to claim 2nd place, beating Jim. That was the most fun I have ever had racing for 2nd place!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Videos of 2010 Rose Cup Final and Connies

Final Heat:

1st Connie:

2nd Connie:

2010 Rose Cup

The 5th race in the 2010 RCU racing season has concluded with an on going 4 race streak as Kirk Maupin again won the final heat in fashion with his blistering fast Atlas Van Lines. Held in Ellensburg, the weather gave us a nice day of sun and heat, making it a nice one for all the racers.

This race marked the first race in RCU with my model of the 1986 "bubble" Miss Budweiser. I made many modifications to the boat since I tested it earlier in May. The changes I made showed improvement in the hull, but gave me more questions to answer before it will become a show stopper. My day turned out to be a mediocre one, as I was only able to manage a 3rd place finish in the 2nd connie. This was by far from a successful day of racing, but it was fun to get back out to the races and away from the office. As they say, I am back to the drawing board with hopefully a more improved boat in two weeks.

The final heat turned out to be a barn burner, as it was anyones race to win. Dave Brandt made
a great start to give Kirk a run for his money, but Kirk had a slight edge at the start and did not look back. A great battle took place for 3rd place between Bill Brandt, Paul Jackson and John Olsen, but the rough water got the best of Bill and John, giving Paul 3rd place from the trailer position.

Official race results:
7A: Final
7B: 1st Connie
7C: 2nd Connie (typo, Chet Lepinski and David Newton should be reversed)

As the tradition goes, the race winner has to pick up all of the bouys, I am sure he does not mind.

I will post videos of the final heat and connies shortly, but for more photographs please visit my smugmug website. The next race is in two weeks back in Ellensburg for the President's Cup.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Another Gallery for Test Session Pictures

Amateur photographer and hydroplane enthusiast Jim Clark was at hand to take many vivid shots of the U-21 and U-25 test session. For another look of the event, click here to enter his gallery.

Unlimited Hydroplane Test Run On Lake Washington

Two unlimited hydroplanes tested yesterday at Stan Sayres Pits; the U-21 Albert Lee and the U-25 Superior Racing. Model boaters will be very interested to see pictures of the new cowling that the U-25 tested, which looks like nothing at all (not to mention running without a horizontal wing). Chris Denslow drove 200 mile to be lakeside and take some amazing pictures of the test day, thanks Chris! Be sure to check out his smugmug website to see his full gallery of test day pictures. Only 1 month until the first race!