Wednesday, August 25, 2010

San Diego back on H1 tour?

According to several resources San Diego might be back on the H1 tour this year, less than a month away. An official announcement should be released by the end of the week. KNDU has an article regarding the possibility of the return to the bay: click here to read their article.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

2010 Winter Spectacular - 6-7-8 Aug.2010

I would like to thank Ian Baas for a race update from Australia, as they held their Winter Spectacular last weekend, with their own Roger Newton Memorial Trophy. Below is his race recap:

"Appently Al Ansell's camera broke before he was able to take any pictures at this years Winter Spctacular . However Craig Murphy - murph on International Waters has taken a lot of pictures and put them on the AMPBA Webite and in the General Boating Forum section on International Waters . Al Ansell is the latest winner of the Silver Cup - 3 years in a row and Graham Mason won the Roger Newton Memorial Trophy for Concourse in 1 / 8 Scale . He won the same trophy 2 years ago with the same boat - U 101.5 Miss Exide . From looking at the pictures and talking to Uncle Brian McKellar I believe the competiturs were -
Al Ansell - Miss Bud
Dave Bevern - Miss Bud
Brian Mckellar - Miss US ~1970
Craig Knight - ~ Gilmore Special ~1972
Steve Tomvald - Bardhal Green Dragon
Graham Mason - Miss Exide U - 101.5
Doug Wright - The Squire Shop ~1986
Dave Bevern had a bearing failure in his motor before the final and was not able to repair in time leaving the other 6 to battle it out"

2010 RCU Roger Newton Memorial Videos

Final Heat:

1st Connie:

2nd Connie:

Videos of RCU's Columbia Cup

Final Heat:

First Connie:

Second Connie: